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Are We Already In a Recession?

Overview: Fears of a recession are rising as experts attempt to predict when a recession will officially occur Forecasting a recession, for most practical purposes, is irrelevant to decision-makers Decision-makers need to ask the right questions that will help them...

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Measuring the Value of Ideas: A Superhero Movie Case Study

What follows is a tale that, for business people, reads like a Shakespearean tragedy - or a Stephen King horror novel. It starts with the recent history-setting success of Avengers: Endgame and the notion that an idea has value - and if you don’t see it or won’t...

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The One Question Every Risk Manager Should Ask

Risk management isn’t easy. At any given time, an organization faces many risks, both known and unknown, minor and critical. Due to limited resources, not all risks can be mitigated. Without an effective risk management process, not all risks can even be identified....

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