It’s All an Illusion

It’s All an Illusion by Douglas Hubbard
Boston Society of Architects, Sept/Oct 2008.

Doug Hubbard reviews his original “anything can be measured” concept for an audience of architects. The message of the reasons why some things still seem intangible or immeasurable are refined and restated in the first article since the release of Hubbard’s seminal book, How to Measure Anything. [inactive link]

Getting More Precise at Risk Assessment

The Editors
Eweek, 11/10/2003

Baseline interviews Doug Hubbard about how to start thinking about IT risk more like an actuary would, instead of the subject “1 to 5” scales. Another consultant interviewed for the story says scientific measurements are “ideal in theory” but most managers aren’t well versed in statistical research. Actually, HDR uses scientific methods in practice (not just theory) and total mastery of the subject by management is not a constraint (do managers really understand network management, database design or encryption?). Fortunately, the editors allow Hubbard to respond to the objections. [view article]


Case Study by Elana Varon, Expert Analysis by Doug Hubbard
CIO Magazine, 08/08/2003

The State of Iowa implements a new weighted scoring system in this entry in CIO Magazine’s ongoing case study series. While Varon believes weighted scoring methods are a valid decision-making process, Hubbard gives a somewhat more critical view of Iowa’s approach (which is no surprise to Hubbard’s readers). [view article]