The Need for a Better Approach

Some of the most important decisions that must be made for businesses and governments to progress are surrounded by the unknown. Many business choices are ones tied with high uncertainty and many factors seem immeasurable such as economic value, performance, quality, and risk.
If you are an executive in a position to make big decisions in your organization, you probably have asked yourself many of the following questions:

  • How can I compute a return on an investment if most of the benefits seem “intangible”?
  • How do I measure and manage risk when there is little historical data on this kind of investment?
  • How do I calculate the economic value of more, better, or faster information?
  • Is there any alternative to our subjective and politically driven decision process?

Figuring out these answers can be a challenge but with the Applied Information Economics method, these questions, and more, can be answered easily and with top-notch results.

The AIE Solution

Applied Information Economics (AIE) is the first truly scientific and theoretical method developed for addressing the dilemmas even when it may seem like there is no way to measure the problem, such as with economic value. Applied Information Economics uses methods that show independently, scientifically measured improvements to management forecasts and decisions. Concepts that seemed like intangibles, now have proven economic formulae to help your business drive results.

Applied Information Economics combines methods of Game theory, Decision theory, economics, quantitative risk analysis, operations research, and Modern Portfolio theory to create an analysis on measuring what matters. Applied Information Economics adds economic value to information that is obscured by uncertainty and implements targeted measurement efforts. The AIE method has been widely used in many practical business environments including insurance, manufacturing, transportation, utilities, banking, .com startups, and media. Applied Information Economics is a complete-solution methodology that includes training, tools, process documentation, and initial consulting. All measurements are real measurements that are based on proven methods and have a known statistical validity.

AIE provides a measurable improvement for management decisions for subjects such as economic value. Contact Hubbard Decision Research today so you can make important choices for your business through the Applied Information Economics method.

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