Buzz on the 2nd Edition of HTMA causes Wiley to accelerate release

Wiley has decided to accelerate the release of the second edition of How to Measure Anything.  Instead of being released in May, it will be shipped to warehouses this month and ready for sale in early April.  Apparently, the book is a source of a lot of positive buzz in the publisher’s offices and they saw a business opportunity for getting it out faster.  I have definitely noticed a sense of getting “special attention” on every aspect of the development of the second edition.

My readers routinely tell me that they heard about the first edition at the some big conference or, in some cases, was made required reading by their superiors.  It has been the #1 bestseller in Amazon’s math for business category for two years and is in the top 100 of all management books.  I’m told this is unprecedented.  I’m also told that Wiley has received an exceptionally high number of advanced orders for the second edition.

Now all I need is a viral video…

Doug Hubbard

The Measurement Challenge

I’m reintroducing the Measurement Challenge for the blog.  I ran it for a couple of years on the old site and had some very interesting posts. 

Use this thread to post comments about the most difficult – or even apparently “impossible” – measurements you can imagine.  I am looking for truly difficult problems that might take more than a couple of rounds of query/response to resolve.  Give it your best shot!

Doug Hubbard