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Business webinars are a great tool to easily bring the resources of Hubbard Decision Research to your company and your company’s workers. Webinars are live educational tools which stream from your technological devices, enabling you and your team to learn more about the Applied Information Economics theory from a speaker in real-time! These business webinars focus on a variety of topics all linked to Applied Information Economics and making the soundest decisions for your company based on statistically backed reasoning.

How to Measure Anything in Cybersecurity Risk:  A Preview

With recent breaches in information security, we have to ask – do information risk analysis methods really work?   Is it possible to do better than the popular, but soft, methods that promoted by major standards?  How can scientific rigor be applied to a field believed to be uniquely complex and hard to quantify?

A webinar by Douglas Hubbard and Richard Seiersen, authors of the forthcoming book, How to Measure Anything in Cybersecurity Risk will answer these questions.  In this two-hour session, the authors will cast light on the shortcomings of existing methods and discuss recent results showing how the clever use of quantitative methods provides a rational basis for analyzing cybersecurity investments, based on risk aversion and ROI.

Hubbard and Seiersen will explain how these methods account for errors in human judgment, like overconfidence and inconsistency.  They will demonstrate simple, yet mathematically rigorous graphical techniques of communicating the impact of risks and mitigations even with scarce real data, rapidly evolving technology, and malicious human actors.  The session will completely change the way you think about investments in cybersecurity.

Douglas Hubbard is the author of the popular book How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of Intangibles in Business  and The Failure of Risk Management: Why It’s Broken and How to Fix It .  Richard Seiersen is the General Manager of Cybersecurity and Privacy at GE Healthcare.”

How to Measure Anything in Information Security Risks:  A Preview                  $49 for a Limited Time

Introduction to Applied Information Economics: The Need for Better Measurements

In this one-hour business webinar, Introduction to Applied Information Economics: The Need for Better Measurements, you will learn an overview of methods that show scientifically measured improvements to management forecasts and decisions. The key to Applied Information Economics (AIE) is how it focuses the analysis on measuring what matters. This has been widely used in many practical business environments including insurance, manufacturing, transportation, utilities, banking, .com startups, and media. AIE is a complete-solution methodology that includes training, tools, process documentation, and initial consulting. For more information on this business webinar contact Hubbard Decision Research.

Introduction to Applied Information Economics: The Need for Better Measurements $150

Calibration Webinar: How to Quantify Your Uncertainty

In this business webinar you will learn the techniques behind subjectively assessing the probability of uncertain events and the ranges of uncertain quantities using the Applied Information Economics method. This is an essential skill for anyone who needs to consider chance in making decisions for their business or organization. Participants will see their skills improve during the training with a series of “calibration exams.”

Included in this package is a one-hour session, Introduction to Applied Information Economics: The Need for Better Measurements.

For more information on this business webinar contact Hubbard Decision Research.

Calibration Webinar – How to quantify your uncertainty: $580

Level 1 AIE Analyst Webinar

Hubbard Decision Research staff will introduce the webinar participants to the Applied Information Economics (AIE) methods so they can measure any “intangible” concept that may happen when working in their organization. Some examples of concepts that may seem tricky to measure include risks. Participants in the business webinar will also be able to look at any portfolio from a risk/return point-of-view.

Level 1 Analyst Package includes the AIE Intro, and modules A.1, A.2, A.3, and the certification test at the end.

Level 1 AIE Analyst: $1,450

Level 2 AIE Analyst Webinar

In an intensive multi-part business webinar series. Doug Hubbard, the author of How to Measure Anything and the inventor of Applied Information Economics (AIE), will delve deeper into how to use his Applied Information Economics methods to measure any “intangible” concept, place value on these concepts, to think of risk like an actuary, and how to look at any investments, policies or portfolios from a risk/return point-of-view.

Level 2 AIE Analyst: $2,000

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